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To better inform our guests as to what to expect at the Hummingbird Inn, here is a very detailed inventory of our amenities as well as a few things we don't allow or don't provide. We have tried to cover all aspects of our inn so you can make a comfortable and informed decision on your stay with us. Enjoy!



Full Country Breakfast
A delicious full country breakfast is beautifully presented in our Dining Room every morning at 8:30 AM or you can enjoy breakfast privatly served in your room at 9:00 AM for an additional fee of $10. We at the Branson Hummingbird Inn believe breakfast should be savored and enjoyed.

King Sized Bed
Pillowtop mattress with added memory foam. 600 count, wrinkle free, Egyptian cotton sheets (yes, we sell the sheets!). Some beds are extra tall and we provide cute little steps to get into the bed.

Just a note: Do you know why Egyptian cotton is better than regular cotton? We didn't until we started using these sheets. Egypt has a longer growing season for cotton. So the fibers are longer and stronger... all the better for the fabric made with them to be more durable!

Two Person Jacuzzi Tub

Each of our six beautiful suites feature a large 2 person (we really mean it) Jacuzzi tub. The tubs are large enough to comfortably fit 2 tall adults and soaking by yourself is really a spacious treat. In each of our suites except the Horse Whisperer, the Jacuzzi tubs are located in the bedroom and are "heart shaped". The Horse Whisperer's tub is located in the Bathroom and is the largest of all our Jacuzzi tubs. Some of our shorter guests have joked that they needed childrens arm floaties just in case they fell asleep in the tub!

Private Bath
Each room has its own private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and vanity. Each bathroom is a little different but all are supplied with soaps, bath salts (for your Jacuzzi), shampoos, makeup remover wipes (these are very nice), and a hair dryer. Each room is amply supplied with plush towels and the Bridal Sweet, Expedition and White River are provided with super soft robes. Sorry, at this time the robes are not for sale.

"Make" a fire with the flip of a switch. Our electric fireplaces can be enjoyed summer or winter and only put out heat if you want them to. All of our rooms have the same type of fireplace except for the Mountain Meadows. That room has a small old time stove that is also electric instead of a typical fireplace. It makes for a quaint difference in the room.

All rooms have a kitchenette with a coffee pot, microwave, Kenmore mini fridge with freezer compartment and 2 ice trays. The fridge is stocked with one Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and 2 bottles of water, all complimentary. We also provide silverware, paper plates, coffee cups, salt, pepper, regular and decaf coffee, sweeteners (sugar, Sweet & Low, Splenda), powdered creamer, a wine bottle opener, napkins, hot chocolate and several types of tea. We have also provided some very nice plastic (they don't look plastic) wine glasses so you may enjoy some wine in your private Jacuzzi without the dangers of glass.

Armoire or Closet (or both)
Each room has a place to hang your clothes with nice wooden hangers provided. Only the Bridal "Sweet" does not have a place to hang a full length dress as the armoire has a smaller place to hang your clothes. There are, however, 2 hooks for your robes in the room that may be used to hang something longer (say, a wedding dress for example). Each room is also supplied with an ironing board and iron, a very soft and very warm blanket (yes, these are for sale too), and an extra pillow. The Bridal "Sweet", Expedition, and White River all have very soft robes provided as well. Unfortunately, at this time we do not sell the robes.

Each room has a 27 inch Magnavox TV with a remote and a DVD/VHS player. We are in the country and only receive 3 or 4 local stations on a good day however we now have a modest Direct TV package too. We also have made available our large DVD and VHS library so that you can enjoy choosing from our over 200 movie titles. Feel free to take a look at our movie menu. If the movie you want to see is on the list but not on our shelf when you come to stay with us, it is most likely that another guest has borrowed it for the evening.

Other things in your room

2 alarm clocks (one is a CD player too), 2 night tables with lamps (one on either side of the bed), hair dryer, iron and ironing board, complimentary lotion, individually packaged drinking cups, a table and chairs, facial tissues, wireless internet, and ceiling fans. The Bridal Sweet, Expedition and White River all have their own thermostats. The other 3 rooms are usually kept around 70 degrees.

Small Book Library
For those of our guests to whom reading is a favorite pastime, we have a small book library. Among other favorites are a collection of the writings of Patrick McManus, a famous outdoor writer. These books are collections of hilarious outdoor stories including some such as "POOF! No Eyebrows", "Camping, a Fine and Pleasant Misery" "My First Deer and Welcome To It", "The Narrows" and many other favorites. If you have ever had any experience with the outdoors, or want to laugh at someone else’s unfortunate experiences with Mother Nature, these books are a must read. When you stay, we would be glad to point out some of our favorites. If we may, we recommend you read them out loud together. They will have you laughing till you cry.

We also have biographies of famous people, some of the classics like Moby Dick, books on health and medicine and of course, books about Hummingbirds.

DVD & VHS Library
We have made available our large DVD and VHS library so that you can enjoy choosing from our over 200 titles. Feel free to take a look at our movie menu. If the movie you want to see is on the list but not on our shelf when you come to stay with us, it is most likely that another guest has borrowed it for the evening.

We have a variety of goodies to munch on around the inn. There are always mixed nuts, candies, crackers, the fruit bowl, several different hot teas, hot chocolate mix, and hot cider mix. There are two water canisters in the commons area (one hot and the other cold) which are refreshed morning and evening.

Wine & Cheese
We provide 2 wines (a blush and a red) and cheese every evening from 4:00 to 6:00 for your enjoyment. If the wine decanter runs low, just let us know!

Things not provided or not allowed...

Its a short list....

Not in Your Room

Taking into consideration the many couples that stay with us who just want peace and quiet away from their daily lives, we have chosen to NOT provide a phone in any of our rooms. Most people who stay with us have their own cell phones and we seem to get pretty good reception for most major cell providers. There are plug-ins in each room that you may use to charge your cell phone or other electronic devices.

Smoking, Pets and Children (the only three things we are likely to say "No" about)

We do not allow smoking or pets in our rooms. There are places provided to smoke outside only. 

As for children, we cater to people enjoying a short getaway from life, and, though we love kids, they are not very conducive to relaxation. We have, on occasion, made exceptions for couples with infants or very special circumstances. If you have such a circumstance, feel free to call us and ask. If we can accommodate you, you will most likely be required to stay in the Bridal "Sweet" since it has no adjoining rooms and any noise your little ones make wouldn't bother anyone trying to relax. We may also require that you have breakfast served in your room. Again, it's no guarantee we will accept a reservation with a child, but it never hurts to ask.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us or use our online reservation form.
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